Swing Trading Earnings Bullish Momentum With Options in Blueknight Energy Partners LP, LLC – CML News

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There is a pattern of bullish momentum in Blueknight Energy Partners L.P., L.L.C. (NASDAQ:BKEP) stock just days before earnings, and we can track that by looking at swing returns in the option market. This is a short-term swing trade, it won’t be a winner forever, and it can be easily derailed by a couple of down days in the market irrespective of Blueknight Energy Partners L.P., L.L.C. news, but for now it has shown a repeating success that has not only returned 1,474% annualized returns, but has also shown a win-rate of 63%.

The idea is quite simple — trying to take advantage of a pattern in short-term bullishness just before earnings, and then getting out of the way so no actual earnings risk is taken. Now we can see it in Blueknight Energy Partners L.P., L.L.C..