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If Pac Man or Dig Dug dabbled in the stock market, their trading screens would probably look a lot the one created by Mike Roberts.

The brave (or bonkers) Amazon AMZN, -0.21%  engineer on Tuesday launched “StockStream,” a crowdsourced approach to trading stocks.

Basically, Roberts put his own $50,000 in play, Twitch users vote on exactly what to buy and sell, trades are executed automatically on Robinhood and the whole thing is on display in graphics straight out of the 80s.

So far, more than 100,000 visitors have stopped by. At last check, the account was up almost $100, with about half of the portfolio in cash.

Could be worse.

If you watch long enough, you’ll see a steady flow of the kinds of names you’d expect. Tesla TSLA, +1.76%  and Apple AAPL, -0.59% for instance, are popular votes.

Players are scored for how their picks perform.

“Before today, I was a bit skeptical — thought I might lose money quickly, but things seem OK,” Roberts told Polygon in an interview. He ended Tuesday’s session with a portfolio valued at $50,055.94.

Roberts also tweets out updates on how the portfolio is shaping up:

If players want the fun to continue, they’d better vote wisely. Due to Finra/SEC regulations, trading will halt if the account value drops below $25,000.

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